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Safety and Security

At EatNWink, we take the safety and security of Hosts and Guests with extreme concern.

EatNWink makes sure that all the registrations of Hosts and Guests are personally verified by it. Through, our rigorous verification mechanism, we will make sure that no untoward happenings make their way onto our platform. EatNWink believes in harmonious interaction between its community and it requires the community members who are on our platform as Hosts and Guests will abide by our Terms of Service, Terms and Conditions and other such conditions which are listed on our website.

In order to ensure that no untoward happenings take place, you are required to follow certain procedure which, we are laying here under. This procedure is not exhaustive and EatNWink has the authority to add/delete/amend any conditions as laid down below at any point of time:

  • Please register yourself with a Valid Government Photo Issued Identity Card like Passport, Voter Identity Card, Unique Identity Card, Driving License, Bank Passbook with Stamped Photo and other Cards issued by Government or its associated bodies/agencies.
  • We will do checks of the Identity Cards which are submitted at the Site and if found fake, we will delete the profile and all related information of the person.
  • We will also make checks with the local police station of your area to find out of your character antecedents, if any. This may be done in-house or outsourced to any agency. If anything negative is found in this character verification, then EatNWink will remove the listing of the Host Concerned or Delete the Profile of the Guests.
  • EatNWink also wants to ensure that all the hosts and guests enjoy their stay and make good use of this fruitful service. Thus, we request our hosts and guests to not make any deals amongst them outside the EatNWink system. EatNWink will not take any responsibility of any untoward happenings in the above case, when deals are done by the Hosts and the Guests amongst them. EatNWink cannot be held responsible in these cases and the Hosts and the Guests in these cases will be debarred from using the services of EatNWink and its other subsidiary websites.
  • EatNWink will have all the listings uploaded by the Hosts checked by its own representatives. This will be totally done at random by its representatives. Hosts are also requested to provide us with copies of their ownership or lease certificates, in order to prevent any frauds happening in the system.
  • EatNWink also requires its Guests and Hosts to look properly at the Public Profiles of the Hosts and Guests and then move ahead with the Booking and the Reservation. Hosts and Guests can additionally contact EatNWink Team and discuss their apprehensions about any listings/ Guests/ Hosts.
  • EatNWink also empowers the Hosts with the power to reject the Booking request of any person, if they do not want to book the property.
  • EatNWink also requires the guests to adhere to the number of guests which have been mentioned at the time of booking. Any deviation on the positive side for the number of guests must be made at least 5 days in advance of the Reservation Period at the Booked Property and it should be solely at the discretion of the Hosts concerned. EatNWink reserves the final right with respect to any changes and it is at the sole discretion of the EatNWink.
  • EatNWink requires the Hosts to provide freshly cooked food to its Guests and the safety of the food is the sole responsibility of the Host concerned and any resulting health hazards.
  • EatNWink is present on all popular social media channels and the community concerned can reach out to us, in case you want to share information about any untoward happenings. We will pay utmost attention to all the details provided by you and all possible action will be taken in this regard as laid down in our various policy documents as mentioned in our websites.
  • EatNWink also requests its Hosts to share any adverse report regarding the Guests who are staying with them.
  • In Situations of Grave Dangers, the community stakeholders of EatNWink must contact the local police or any emergency response system in the local area concerned. In case of Fire, the local fire station must be contacted by the Host and the Guest concerned.
  • Any medical emergencies must have to be dealt by the Hosts and Guests whosoever are affected by it and EatNWink will not be held responsible in all these cases with respect to any complications arising out of it.
  • EatNWink will try to provide the local emergency numbers of the local authorities which may be used in case of emergency but the Local Stakeholders are requested to keep these numbers handy from their own sources.
  • EatNWink requires the Hosts concerned on the platform to have first aid kits and vital medicines, so that they may be used in case of any emergency concerning with the Guests concerned.
  • EatNWink reserves the right to add/amend/edit the above conditions as laid down above and it may be at the sole discretion of the EatNWink.