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EatNWink will undertake to take care of its Guests who join and book through our platform. EatNWink through its Hosts wants the Guests to experience the best experiences by assuring wonderful and comfortable stay at its locations. EatNWink will try to maximize the satisfaction of the community concerned.

EatNWink believes in harmonious interaction between its community and it requires the community members who are on our platform as Hosts and Guests will abide by our Terms of Service, Terms and Conditions and other such conditions which are listed on our website. These conditions as mentioned are subject to change from time to time, as per the discretion of EatNWink.

In order to maintain that the standards of Hospitality is maintained in the EatNWink community, we have laid down some standards of procedure. It should be kept in mind that these standards of procedure are not exhaustive and EatNWink reserves the right to add/amend/delete any condition as mentioned below:


  • EatNWink requires all the Hosts and Guests to comply by all the conditions as mentioned in the various policy documents as laid down in the website and must agree to all the terms with respect to Hospitality as mentioned in the various policy documents as laid down on our website.
  • EatNWink requires its Hosts to adhere to all the facilities which they have mentioned in their listings and are promised to provide the same to their Guests. If, EatNWink finds any deviation from the Listings, then the Host concerned will be blacklisted and cannot use the facilities of EatNWink community in the future. EatNWink will conduct an independent enquiry in such cases and come to such conclusions, which it deems suitable.
  • EatNWink requires its Guests to report to any deviation from the facilities which are to be provided from the Hosts concerned.
  • EatNWink also requires the Hosts to provide any information regarding to Tourism or any other feature to the Guests as they deem suitable and they must help them as much as possible.
  • EatNWink requires Hosts and Guests to respect each other during their stay and they must ensure that they maintain dignity during their stay.
  • EatNWink requires Hosts to provide the Guests with basic amenities like Towels, Clean Bed Sheets and clean surroundings, in order to maintain proper health and hygiene. The conformity in these cases will be dealt strictly by EatNWink.
  • EatNWink requires the Hosts to provide the Hosts to provide clean surroundings to the Hosts and any health hazard caused to Guests arising out of the negligence of the Hosts to provide clean surroundings to the Guests concerned will be dealt strictly by EatNWink and EatNWink will blacklist all the listings of the Host concerned.
  • EatNWink also requires the Hosts who provide the service of home cooked meal to provide fresh meals with fresh ingredients. This will be dealt very strictly by EatNWink and any violation with regards to the use of stale food and any health hazard will be the sole responsibility of the Hosts concerned and any medical cases will be strictly the responsibility of the Hosts concerned.
  • EatNWink will conduct random checks with respect to all the facilities provided by the Hosts and it will give ratings to the concerned hosts. EatNWink will try to provide accurate information with regards to the listings as provided by the Hosts but any misinformation which is caused by the inter-communication of the concerned Host and the Guest concerned will not be taken up for hearing by EatNWink.
  • EatNWink requires the Guests to respect the House rules which will be laid down by the Hosts and it should be strictly adhere with. However, EatNWink will look into all the House Rules and will hold consultations with the Hosts regarding these rules.
  • EatNWink reserves the right to amend/edit/add any conditions as mentioned above and it will be at the sole discretion of EatNWink.